The New Mexico Shakespeare Festival

The New Mexico Shakespeare Festival is a celebration of the works of William Shakespeare and takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We believe that Shakespeare is for everyone – whether you’ve seen dozens of plays or none at all.

The New Mexico Shakespeare Festival (NMSF) is a year-round program.  It presents, free of charge, two of Shakespeare’s plays every summer at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial. Additionally, the NMSF maintains a company of actors who perform in classrooms and at senior living sites throughout the year in the Greater Albuquerque area. 

We are one of but few free public Shakespeare festivals in the United States, and we believe we are building something special. 

Our Mission

The Mission of the NM Shakespeare Festival is to mount excellent productions of the plays of William Shakespeare and allied works of theater, by and for all the people of New Mexico, and to engage in the broadest possible educational outreach programs, with the aim of using Shakspeare’s legacy to enrich and unify our community through the power of theater.

2024 Season


Paul Ford
Paul Ford
The Tempest
Micah Linford
The Merry Wives of Windsor
New Mexico Shakespeare Festival

Board Members

Rebecca Johnstone Smith
Executive Director
Micah Linford
Debi Kierst
Donna Marie Barra
Frank Fine
Brian Hansen
William Berg
Larry Linford
Peter S. Kierst
Sheridan Johnson
2023 Season

Production Staff & Crew

Executive Director – Leslee Richards

Artistic Director – Micah Linford

Director (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) – Julia Thudium

Director (The Comedy of Errors) – Paul Ford

Technical Director – Justin Salada

Asst Technical Director – Graham Leisey

Festival Stage Manager – Donna Marie Barra

Rehearsal Stage Manager (MND) – Mark Frederick

Rehearsal Stage Manager (CoE) – Donna Marie Barra

Asst Stage Manager (MND) – Lauren Jae McDonald

Production Stage Manager (MND) – Vicki Marie Singer

Production Stage Manager (CoE) – Toccoa Clark

Asst Stage Manager (C0E) – Kate Eade

Costume Designer (MND) – Jacob Griego

Costume Designer (CoE) – Kaylee Lynora Silcocks-Gore

Lighting Designer – Nick Tapia

Property Designer – Maureen Conheady-Trujillo

Set Designer – Valeria Rios-Giermakowski

Sound Designer – Josh Brown

Audio Sound Engineer – Joshua Griego

Foley Director (CoE)- Holly Deuel Gilster

Choreographer (MND) – Jessica Quindlen

Music Director (MND) – Amy Bourque

Fight Choreographer (MND) – Tait Alexander

Master Carpenter – Stuart Rupprecht

Wardrobe Crew (MND) – Ali Cuellar

Wardrobe Crew (CoE) – Natalia Godin

Wardrobe Crew (CoE) – Jason Godin

Board Operator (MND) – Vicki Marie Singer

Board Operator (CoE) – Toccoa Clark

Marketing/Publicity – Bridget S. Dunne

Videographer/Asst Marketing – Danger K Varoz

Greenshow Coordinator – Rebecca Smith